Which Travel Vaccines Do You Need Before Going Abroad?

travel vaccines near me in Essex

If you have travel plans outside the country, it’s crucial to get immunised against some deadly diseases that are common in other regions of the world. The vaccines offer protection against diseases like typhoid, hepatitis A, and yellow fever. No matter where you are travelling, it is essential to get travel vaccines in order to be safe and secure. Where can I find travel vaccines near me in Essex? Continue reading to find out.

Why are travel vaccinations necessary?

Travelling outside the UK could expose you to infections to which you are not immune. Infections and diseases like hepatitis A and yellow fever may result from this. In certain circumstances, the illnesses have a fatal outcome. Prior to your travel, being vaccinated will help build up your body’s immunity to certain viruses. This is significant since many of these illnesses pose a risk to life.

How do travel vaccines near me work?

Travel vaccinations offer protection from a variety of illnesses and viruses, but they all function in the same manner. In essence, the vaccination is an injection that mimics the virus causing the infection or disease. Your immune system will be stimulated by this, resulting in the production of antibodies, which are white blood cells made specifically to fight the illness. The virus or bacteria will therefore be destroyed by your immune system if you are exposed to it before it can affect you.

It is essential that you have the vaccine at least 21 days, and sometimes even more, before your travel. As a result, your body has ample time to generate all the antibodies needed to protect you.

Pharmacists sell a variety of antimalarial medicines and vaccines for travel. We will also give you current health information and recommendations before your travel. This is done to make sure that before you go, you are completely aware of the risks you face.

travel vaccines near me in Essex

When should I begin thinking about getting vaccinated?

Consult your physician, pharmacist, or a private travel clinic as early as possible—at least 8 weeks before you travel. For your body to build immunity, you may need to receive some vaccines well in advance.

Some vaccinations require multiple doses over several weeks or months. You might be more prone to contracting certain illnesses if you are:

– Taking a long trip rather than a package holiday
– Travelling in the countryside
– Camping or staying in hostels
– Backpacking

You may be more prone to infection or adverse effects from a travel-related sickness if you already have a medical condition.

Which travel vaccines are offered near me?

You should receive the following immunisations before travelling abroad:

– Cholera vaccination: A number of travellers do not require the cholera vaccine.
– Diphtheria vaccination: This is a series of vaccines that offer protection against diphtheria, tetanus, and polio.
– Hepatitis A: If you are travelling to an area where hepatitis A is prevalent and where sanitation and hygiene conditions are poor, you should get immunised against it.
– Hepatitis B vaccination: When visiting regions where hepatitis B is common, the hepatitis B vaccine is advised.
Japanese encephalitis vaccination
– Anti-typhoid vaccination
– Tick-borne encephalitis vaccination
– Meningococcal meningitis vaccination
– Yellow fever vaccination
– Rabies vaccination
Measles, mumps, and rubella vaccination (MMR)
– Immunisation against tuberculosis (TB)

Receiving these vaccinations will keep you healthy, and they are absolutely safe. However, other illnesses, like malaria, cannot be prevented by vaccines. We do, however, provide antimalarial medications to keep you safe.


Where can I get travel vaccines near me in Essex?

First, call or visit the GP office to find out if your current UK immunisations are updated. Inform the GP about your prior vaccines if you have any records of them.

Additionally, not all GP practices are registered to offer free NHS travel vaccinations, therefore, you should inquire about this.

If the GP office does not offer travel-related vaccinations through the NHS, you can try a:

– Pharmacy offering travel healthcare services such as ours
– Private travel vaccination clinic

Your pharmacist, doctor or registered nurse will be able to provide you with general guidance regarding travel vaccines and travel health.

If you require any more doses of your UK vaccinations, they can provide them. Some travel vaccinations are not offered for free on the NHS, even if they are needed to travel to a specific region.

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