Hayfever Injections – The Ultimate Guide to Their Use

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We get asked about hayfever injections a lot, since we’ve now started providing them. In this article we break down the main questions around this effective medicine. As always, if you need to speak with us, get in touch at any time. 

Hayfever Injections

What is Hayfever?

Hayfever results from an allergic response to pollen. When pollen comes into contact with the mouth, eyes, nose, or throat, the body produces specific antibodies in reaction. The timing of hay fever symptoms varies amongst individuals based on the type of pollen they are allergic to. Most people experience the worst symptoms between May and June due to grass pollen allergies, while others are affected by tree pollen in late spring from March to May, and some react to weed and mold pollens during autumn.

Symptoms of hay fever include sneezing, coughing, a runny or stuffy nose, itchy red watery eyes, an irritated throat, mouth, nose, eyes, or ears, headaches, and occasional fatigue or tiredness. Additionally, those with hay fever may experience wheezing and chest tightness.

How do Hayfever Injections work?

Kenalog Injections

The hayfever injection alleviates symptoms by temporarily suppressing the body’s immune response. Steroids are administered through an IntraMuscular (IM) injection into the buttock, delivering a low dose directly into the muscle. Over a three-week period, the steroids gradually seep into the bloodstream.

How quickly does the hay fever injection take effect?

After receiving the injection, its effects persist for at least three weeks, and many individuals experience symptom relief throughout the entire season. Typically, a single dose of the hay fever injection, containing 40mg of triamcinolone acetonide, is sufficient. It is not advised to receive more than two injections per hay fever season.

What are the side effects?

Using steroid medication carries certain risks. Both short-term and long-term side effects may result from the hay fever injection, including swelling, difficulty breathing, skin itchiness, abdominal discomfort, elevated blood pressure, and increased blood sugar levels, among other effects.

Hayfever Injection Benefits

Despite potential risks, the hay fever injection offers some advantages:

  1. – Convenience: A single injection can alleviate symptoms for the entire season, making it more convenient than daily tablets.
  2. – Lower potency than steroid tablets: The injection’s lower dose may result in milder side effects compared to steroid tablets.
  3. – Effectiveness: Many individuals experience significant symptom relief, improving their quality of life during hay fever season.

How can I order one?

You can order one from us of course. But, we’ll need to ask you some questions first to make sure you qualify for the injection. Visit or get in touch with G.M. Graham Pharmacies today to treat your hay fever as well as any other minor ailment. All of our stores offer Kenalog Injections.

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